Super: Siggy Power™ - USB rechargeable Li-po battery unit

Product Description

USB rechargeable Li-po battery UNIT

With Siggy Power™ rechargeable power pack, you'll never have to buy new batteries or change batteries for your Siggy Robot again!  Just plug in the USB cable charging battery unit and you're ready to go. 

  • Siggy Power™ comes with USB charging cable, that works with any household USB adapter
  • Siggy Power™ takes 2 hours to fully recharge and provides nearly 4 hours of play
  • Once in, never remove the Siggy Power battery unit, just plug into USB cable for charging
  • CE approved for safety and quality assurance
  • Eliminates the need for expensive batteries or changing batteries
  • Please note that transformer is not included. ANY USB transformer for smart devices can be used.

Ships only within the United States

Product Information

Recommended ages 5-12

Includes SmartGurlz™doll and Siggy Robot

Controlled by SugarCoded™ app via Smart Phone or Tablet

Siggy Robot fits most 11’inch dolls including Barbie and Bratz

Can carry up to 6 oz or .25 lbs

Requires 9 volt battery (not included)

Measures 10 x 11 x 32 cm

Makes a great gift!

About Siggy Robot

Siggy is a real self-balancing robot!

Has controllable lights that flash, sounds and distance sensors

Siggy connects and is controlled by smartphone or tablet using our SugarCoded app

Autonomous Behavior: Siggy has a mind of its own and it drives the room alone

Downloadable apps from iTunes and Google Play: SugarCoded

Comes in 4 vibrant colors


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

So worth the $$$ - once plugged in - you can play all day on 1 charge. highly recommend A++++

Purchased as gift

We haven’t opened yet as it’s a Christmas gift for my Grandchild. It looks cool,
and I’m sure she’s going to love it. She loves Barbie dolls of all kinds.

Would buy again

Siggy Power is worth the $$. Bought one and saved myself hassle of batteries. once clicked it, it just plugs into usb. never have to change a bettery again.

Christmas Gift

I have not actually seen Emma and her Siggy in action since it is a Christmas gift. Can't wait though to see granddaughter playing and learning to code with the help of her mom. But just from appearance alone she looks well made and lots of fun.

Best battery ever. Worth the money.

Totally worth it. We clipped it in and can easily play 3 days without another charge. Girls are loving it and I am happy not to change another fiddly 9 volt.

SugarCoded: Engineered for Fun and Learning

SmartGurlz SugarCoded app allows girls to break free from computers and coding camp and allow them to code on smart phones or tablets both inside and outside.  Start coding in less than 5 minutes!

Download App

SmartGurlz Teaches Girls to Code

Our unique SugarCoded app has loads of fun features. 

With the SMARTGURLZ  apps, you can drive your Siggy around with your iPhone, record your moves and replay with your friends!

You can also learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming. SugarCoded TM is a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring SmartGurlz characters: Jen and Maria who encourage you to solve missions, win points and compare with your friends.

The best part about SugarCoded is that you can code your Siggy to drive/dance on the floor, save your moves or even play game like missions.

 Learn repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms.